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Our tagline is "Come All Who Thirsty" because we value DIVERSITY!!! We aim to be the bar that everyone can find something they love... so you will see we like to switch it up a lot. Sunday through Wednesdays we feel like your neighborhood bar, where people know your name and what you like to drink. Come Thursday, Friday, & Saturday we feel more like a club with our live music and lot of energy! 

When it comes to Music you will hear a little of everything! Country, rap, tejano, throwbacks, cumbia, rock, & many more. You name it, we hear it! When it comes to age, race, gender, and anything like that you'll have to come see for yourself because we really do have it all! 

We aim to be a bar that people love! One that you never have to worry about what's going to happen but know that we are going to take care of you. From entertainment to cleaniness to safety to high quality drinks... We Got You!

Thirsty's SA Owners
Stephen & Shannon Earhart
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